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CC/AP Biology

Environmental Systems

Conference: 7th Period

Alex Jacobs Teacher
  • Class Policies for Mr. Jacobs’ Class

    1. Lab area is for labs only unless otherwise stated by your teacher.
    2. There are no food or drinks allowed in class except for water, which must be in a clear container.
    3. Only one person is allowed in the restroom at a time. All students are responsible for their own bathroom passes! Passes will not be redistributed.
    4. Computers are to be used solely for educational purposes (no games, videos, music, etc.) 
    5. All students are to treat each other as well as their teacher with respect.
    6. You are allowed a maximum of 3 tardies every 6 weeks.
    7. Cheating will not be tolerated and will result in a zero on the assignment for both the student that is cheating as well as the student that is giving away answers.
    8. Cell phones are not allowed in class unless otherwise stated and will be taken up if seen. You may leave your phone in the tray as you enter class. Keep it at your own risk!
    9. Only one test may be corrected for half points up to a maximum grade of a 70 during the semester.
    10. If you are given mandatory tutorials, then you are to show up and work during those days you are assigned. Absences will be immediately reported to the office for disciplinary action.
    11. Assignments not turned in on the due date will lose 10 points for every day that it is late for up to 3 days.  It will be posted in the grade book as a zero on the fourth day.
    12. Any behavior on the part of the student that distracts from student learning may result in disciplinary action.
    13. The punishment for any offense will range from 1 to 3 days lunch detention with a parent contact.  Further offenses may result in a disciplinary referral.

    The following materials are required for this class:

    1) charged computer

    2) pens/pencils

    3) 3-ring binder for keeping spare paper and for organizational purposes (recommended)

    4) a mind that is ready to be filled

    Websites We Use:

    Google Classroom


    Brainpop (online textbook/resources)



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