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Crystal Carl Teacher

Crystal Carl

2100 NW Ave. D

Seminole, TX 79360

(432) 758-5873

Fax (432)758-8146

Conference Period: 3:05-3:50

1st Period - English IV (8:05-8:50)

2nd Period - English IV (8:55-9:40)

3rd Period- English  IV (9:45-10:30)

4th Period - English IV (10:35-11:20)

5th Period - English IV (11:25-12:10)

Tutorials - 12:15-12:35

Lunch - 12:35-1:20

7th Period - English IV (1:25-2:10)

8th Period - English IV (2:15-3:00)

9th Period - Conference (3:05-3:50)

  • English IV -- Supply List

    Mrs. Carl

    General Supplies

    Paper- wide or college-ruled

    Pens- black or blue

    Spiral Notebook - 70 sheets or more

    1” to 1 ½” three-ring binder

    Post-it Tabs (for research)

    Scrapbook Supplies

    Scrapbook- will hold at least 8 ½ X 11 inch pages, this may be a regular scrapbook or a binder with drop-in pages

    Background paper- specialty or construction paper

    Glue stick or photo splits to mount pictures

    Decorations- *optional, to reflect the theme of the section

  • Grading Policy & Classroom Rules

    Mrs. Carl

    Grading Policy: There are two basic types of grades in my English class: major grades (tests, projects, papers) and minor grades (daily exercises, class participation, worksheets). The gradebook weights test grades and daily grades at 50 percent each (you normally have twice as many daily grades during the six weeks as test grades). Grade reports and report cards are sent out every three weeks. Tutorials are from 12:15-12:35 each day for those who are assigned to tutorials or just need extra help.

    Classroom Rules:

    1. We will follow the tardy policy in the student handbook (1st-free, 2nd- lunch detention, 3rd-lunch detention, 4th-referral to appropriate asst. principal)

    2. Dress Code violations will be addressed/corrected

    3. Go to the restroom before class.

    4. Turn off cell phones during class. Ask permission to use it if it is necessary. There will be times that is acceptable to use them in class. I will pick up cell phones, if there is any unauthorized use of them in class.

    5. The high school has implemented a new rule that states that there are to be no "ear buds" or "headphones" worn in the halls during passing periods or during class time. If you are working on something independently in my class, I may let you listen to music (as long as it does not disrupt others who are working in the class).

    6. No food or drinks in the classroom without special permission

    7. Always have proper materials available for class (computer, binder, reading materials, writing instruments)

    8. Have your lessons completed on time. See the new "late work" policy for the English department. Students are responsible for keeping up with work that they miss, if they are absent.

    9. Pay attention in class (no sleeping or goofing off).

    10. Participate in class discussions and be respectful of others.

    11. Cheating results in a zero on that particular assignment, a discipline referral, and contact with your parents. Please do not put me in the position of losing respect/trust in you.

    12. Have fun and learn!!! My hope is for you to enjoy the “journey” we call “your senior year.

  • English IV Tentative Course Outline

    *We will be reading plays, novels poetry, and various other media. **We will be learning parts of speech, word usage, punctuation, grammar, and writing skills. These will be implemented throughout the year.

    1st Six Weeks

    *Novel: Lord of the Flies (Quizzes, Tests, Movie)

    Author, Historical Setting, Relevance Today

    *Periods of British Literature

    *Anglo-Saxon Background & Presentation

    *Scrapbook #1

    2nd Six Weeks

    *College Application (Information & Practice)

    *Resume (Rough/Final)

    *College Essay (Rough/Final)

    *Literary Techniques and Terminology

    *Beowulf -Epic Poem (Introduction/Background)

    *Hero Project (This Six Weeks)

    *Scrapbook #2

    3rd Six Weeks

    *Hero Presentations (Continuation)

    *Beowulf  (Oral Reading of Parts I, II, and III), Tests Over Each Part

    *Scrapbook #3

    *Semester Exam (Anglo-Saxon Period, Beowulf)**No Exemptions

    4th Six Weeks

    *Medieval Period Background (Notes, Videos, Authors)

    *Geoffrey Chaucer/The Canterbury Tales (Oral Reading, Questions, Video)

    *Personal Pilgrimage Essay - Rough/Final

    *Scrapbook #4

    5th Six Weeks

    *Senior Research Paper - Career Choice

    *MLA (Modern Language Association) Format

    *Parts of a Research Paper (Title Page, Outline, Body, Internal Citations, Works Cited, Interview, etc.)

    *Interview (Person Who Works in Your Career Choice)

    *Scrapbook #5

    6th Six Weeks

    *Jonathan Swift/Satire/A Modest Proposal

    *Oral Reading & Questions

    *Frank McCourt/Angela’s Ashes/Irish Contribution

    *Poetry Terms Revisited

    *Thomas Gray/Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard/Oral Reading & Questions

    *Personal Eulogy

    *Scrapbook #6

    Final Exam  (May be Exempt if You Meet Attendance and Grade Requirements)

  • Scrapbook Guidelines

    Senior Scrapbook Schedule 2018-2019

    Wednesday, September 19, 2018

    Wednesday, October 31, 2018

    Wednesday, December 18, 2018

    Wednesday, February 13, 2019

    Wednesday, April 10, 2019

    Wednesday, May 15, 2019

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