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Hettie Hicks

Seminole High School
2100 N.W. Ave. D
Seminole, TX 79360
Phone: 758-5873
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Conference: 8:55 - 9:40

Welcome to English I and English I Pre-AP

Hopefully this page will be informative to the student and parents. If I haven't 
provided information that you might need, feel free to e-mail me. 

Class blog with daily activities can be found at

Classroom Rules
1. The Tardy Policy will be as follows:
First Two Tardies - Free
Third Tardy - One swat or one day lunch detention
Fourth Tardy - Two days detention or two swats
Fifth and following tardies will result in a disciplinary slip and a parent conference.

2. Have materials when you get to class. Anyone going back to their locker will be charged a tardy. Not having your pen, paper, book, homework, etc... will result in loosing a tardy.

3. Restroom breaks are to be taken between classes, so plan on using your time wisely. Anyone leaving the room to take a restroom break will be charged a tardy.

4. Homework will be turned in on time and will be accepted for one day late with a ten point deduction. The next day will be a 70 at the best and the following day will be a zero.  Students will have one day to correct a failed test or daily grade. Students will have the number of days absent plus one to make up assignments.

5. No cokes or candy will be allowed in class.

6. Be respectful of class members as well as your instructor, and you will be treated likewise. Participate in class discussions and give your undivided attention to the speaker. Resting your head on your desk and sleeping is considered inappropriate.

7. Cheating will result in a zero and three days lunch detention.

8. The use of inappropriate language will result in three days detention.

9. Detention will be given for materials left in my classroom.

10. Phone Policy: Phones are only used in class for instructional purposed with instruction from the teacher to do so. Otherwise, they are to be put away and turned off. Failure to comply will result in them being picked up and turned into the office.

Discipline Management Plan

In my room the discipline management plan will be a three part system. The first offense will be a verbal warning with their name put on the board. The second offense will result in a mark by their name and two days detention or two swats assigned, and the third offense will be a parent conference and a discipline slip that will be turned in to the office.
Grading Policy
Grades taken in English I and English II Pre-AP will be based on a 50% for test grades and 50% for daily grades and homework.
Grades will be posted weekly.

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