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Our goal is to graduate!

Classroom Management Plan

Spanish I and Spanish II

All rules and discipline action stated in the district's student discipline plan are applied in this classroom.

In order to create and maintain an environment conducive to learning, you are expected to: * Be in class BEFORE the tardy bell rings. See Classroom Tardy Policy.

* Stay in your seat while the lesson is being presented.

* DO NOT stand in the doorway waiting for the bell to ring. (You MUST stay in your seat until the bell rings.)

* No candy, gum, drinks or foods are allowed in the classroom.

* Any type of disruption that interferes with learning or

prevents the teacher from teaching, will not be tolerated. (This includes talking, surfing the net, passing notes, etc.)

Follow these class rules and we will have an awesome  year!

  1. Behave in a way that allows you and others to learn.

  2. Bring the necessary supplies to class: 

    laptop, pencils, paper and any materials needed.

  3. Treat others the way you want to be treated.

  4. Keep the classroom clean: NO Paper on the floor

  5. Take care of the school property, and respect others’ property.

  6. Do all classwork and homework that is assigned. Turn it in on time. 

    If you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to make up the work you missed within the time limit (the number of days you were absent, plus one day). See Grading Policy.

  7. Pay attention, and fully participate in class activities.

  8. Come to class prepared to stay the whole period. If it’s an emergency, you may leave class, otherwise, plan to stay.

  9. Take responsibility for doing your own work. There is zero tolerance  due to cheating on tests and quizzes.

  10. IPods, cell phones, etc…: Turn them off.

Don’t have them out under any circumstance. No tolerance.

Disruptive behavior and other minor infractions will be dealt with along the following guidelines:

First offense: Verbal warning and conference with you,the student.

Second offense: 360 teacher referral will be submitted

Thereafter: 360 office referral to Mr. Jones or Mr. Hicks


If parents/guardians have any questions, they can contact me at High School (432-758-5873) during my conference period room 216. My email address is You may also access this information on my web page through the SISD Home Page link at

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Students are expected to report to class on time  (before the second bell rings)  with all required materials. Materials include books, paper, pencils, pens, and laptops fully charged and in the bag.
 All tardies affect student exemption from semester exams. Tardies beyond 15 minutes in a class may be considered an absence. 

This will be the Classroom Tardy Policy for Spanish I, Spanish :

First Tardy Warning
Second Tardy Two days lunch detention
Third  Tardy Three days lunch detention
Fourth Tardy This will result in an Office Referral

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               Grading Policy 

I follow the district grading policy of 50% for daily work, and 50% for tests and other major projects.  Each 6-weeks you will have at least 9 daily grades and 3 test or project grades.  These will be recorded in the grade book (online) as the assignments are completed.
State law requires that you receive the grade you earn in this class.  If you fail a test or a daily assignment, you may retake the test, or correct daily work within 1 day of when it was due.  It is your responsibility to come in to retest, or correct daily assignments. Daily work and tests can be corrected up to a 70%.   If you do not turn in your corrections, or retest within the 1-day period, the original grade will remain.  Assignments turned in late for any reason other than absences will NOT be accepted, under any circumstances.  It is your responsibility to do your work and turn it in on time.  I seldom give homework.  All assignments are to be done in class so I can monitor and help with any questions you might have.
Work not turned in due to absences will be accepted without penalty according to district policy (i.e. the number of days absent plus one day).  Additional time may be given depending on the circumstances.  Each case is considered on an individual basis. After the final day of a grading period ( the end of the six weeks) late work will not be accepted.

Please keep in mind I am here to help you succeed.  See me immediately or come in during tutorial time if you have trouble understanding subject matter or assignments.  

Learning a second language can be very beneficial  to your future


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A little about me... My full name is  San Juanita Gutierrez- Garcia.  I was born in Guerrero, Tamaulipas Mexico many, many years ago. I went to school and graduated at Petersburg High school. I met my husband,  Joe Luis Garcia, second grade teacher, at South Plains College in Levelland, Texas.  We have been married since 1975! We are the proud parents of two United States Army war veterans.  Joey SHS class of '97 and Julie SHS class of 2001. We have  four wonderful grandchildren; three boys and one girl. I love teaching and believe that every day is a good day to learn something new.

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