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Kenneth Kirk Teacher

Class Schedule

1st IPC

2nd IPC

3rd Conference Period

4th Principles of Technology

5th Principles of Technology

Home Room/Tutorials

7th Principles of Technology

8th IPC

9th IPC


Grading Policy

Mr. Kirk’s Science Classes

TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) content areas will be covered for each course. Grades will be taken on:

Homework/Daily Activities

                        All homework/daily activities will count for 50% of your grade.

                        The student is expected to bring all supplies (book, computer, paper, pen or pencil).

            Late Work Policy:

                        1 day—to get any late work turned in.

                        If student is absent and has work that is due that day, it will be due when student returns.

Test/Labs/Research Paper/Projects

                        All major assignments will count 50%.

                        Any test below a 70 may be retaken within 3 school days of the test at my eonvenience.

                        If student is absent on a day a test is administered, they will by required to take the test

                        when student returns.

                        If a research paper or project is assigned, it will count heavily towards your six weeks

                        grade and may carry over to the next six weeks grade.

                        Due dates must be met regardless of days present.

                        All tests will be cumulative.

Pop Quizzes

                        May be given at any time without prior notification.

                        They will count as a daily grade.

Grade Averages

Each homework grade, pop quiz, and class participation grade will count as 50% of the grade.  All exams, labs, research papers, deadlines, and projects grades will count as 50% of the grade.  The sum of the grades will be averaged for the six weeks grade in each course.

Bonus Points/Extra Credit

May be given if student is failing or in danger of failing only when all assigned work is turned in and completed.  This will allow students additional opportunity for success in science courses, while reinforcing concepts learned during the course.  Zeros cannot be made up.

Cheating/Working on Outside Assignments

If student is copying work from another student or allowing another student to do their work for them, both students will receive zeros (0) on the assigned work.  If student is working on assignments from another class and their work is not completed in mine, I will take up the assignment and it will not be returned to the student.  You may work on other assignments with permission.

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