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Stacie Atkins

English III

English III

Rules and Expectations


Course Description

English III exposes students to some of the significant words and ideas of American writers. Students will read a variety of genres from novels to poetry, short fiction to nonfiction informational text. In addition, students will compose a variety of texts, including (but not limited to) analytical and argumentative essays, narratives and poetry, presentations and projects. In English III, we will word together to develop students’ skills in all areas of English Language Arts.


  • To develop students’ competence as writers, readers, speakers, listeners, and viewers of many texts.
  • To read and analyze a variety of American literature, from classic to contemporary.
  • To prepare students for higher-level reading and writing skills and heighten their overall communication skills so they may become successful in life.

Instructional Philosophy

In order to be successful in this course, students are expected to be active participants. It is my goal to provide a positive and engaging classroom where all students have the opportunity to learn, succeed, and share their thoughts and opinions verbally without fear of embarrassment or ridicule.

Classroom Expectations

Be PROMPT: be on time and in class unless absences are unavoidable.

Be PREPARED: bring required materials with you. Also, take care of personal business outside of class.

Be PROACTIVE: Your education is dependent upon the effort you put forth, so keep your head up and remain awake during class. Also, no electronic equipment allowed without my specific permission.

Be POLITE: be kind and respectful to everyone and everything—even when you don’t feel like it. One person speaks; the rest of us listen. Also, you need my permission to leave class.

Classroom Management

In order for each student to feel safe and comfortable in my classroom, a positive and respectful attitude is expected for all students; this includes respecting others’ thoughts, work, feeling, and individuality. If a student does not demonstrate positive behavior, I will visit with him/her and we will try to resolve the issue together. If this prove unsuccessful, students will call their parent at home or work and explain their behavior. The third offense will be a disciplinary referral to the office.

Cell Phone Policy

As stated in the student handbook, cell phone use is not permitted during class. Unless you receive explicit permission from me, I should not see or hear your phone between the time you enter the room and the time I dismiss you. Any student found using a phone during class without explicit teacher permission will have his/her phone confiscated and will be referred to the office for discipline.

Tardy Policy

1st tardy = warning

2nd tardy = warning

3rd tardy = lunch detention

4th tardy = office referral

Make-up Work

Absences will follow the student handbook guidelines.

Late Work

8am the following morning = 10% reduction

Day 2 = 25% reduction

Day 3 = 50% reduction

After day 3, assignments will not be accepted and will receive a grade of zero..

You can find out what you missed by either: checking Google Classroom; email me at  

see me before school or during tutorials check the calendar on my blog English Room 222 

It is not ok to ask me during class time.

Today’s class does not include time for yesterday’s instruction.

Grading Policies

Daily grades = 50%

Tests, Essays, Projects = 50%

Extra Credit = NONE

Because I believe grades should reflect what students have learned, there will be no "extra credit" opportunities. If students do the work assigned to the best of their abilities, extra credit is not necessary.

Resources and Materials

Computer - every day

Remind Text Alerts


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