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Name: Todd Ellis

Subject:  Art I

Conference:  2nd Period 8:55-9:40

Seminole High School Room 102

Mr. Ellis Class Schedule 2016-17

1st Period – 8:05-8:50 – Art I

2nd Period – 8:55-9:40 – Conference

3rd Period – 9:45-10:30 – Art I

4th Period – 10:35-11:20 – Art I

5th Period – 11:25-12:10 – Art I

6th Period – 12:15-12:35 – Tutorials/HAT

Lunch – 12:35-1:20

7th Period – 1:25-2:10 – Art I

8th Period – 2:15-3:00 – Art I

9th Period – 3:05-3:50 – Art I

Mr. Ellis’s Art Classroom Requirements

Art Classroom 102

Seminole High School


Art Kit (Art Kit Supplies are on a separate handout.)

Pen, Pencil, Paper, and Laptop

Classroom Rules:

  1. Always have supplies with you in class.
  2. Many assignments will require a Laptop computer and Internet.
  3. Grading Criteria for Projects:
    1. Did you follow instructions?
    2. Did you do your best?
    3. Did you turn it in on time?
  4. Grading Criteria for Participation:
    1. Are you following Art Classroom Safety Rules? (Separate Handout)
    2. Are you cleaning up before you leave the classroom?
  5. When you are absent, you have the number of days absent plus one more day to turn in any work assigned while you were absent. You must come get missing assignment and instruction.  *If the work was assigned before you were absent, and you were only absent when it was due, your work will be due on the day after you return to class. Assignments that are one day late will lose 10 points off the graded assignment. Work turned in two or more days late will receive a zero.
  6. I will not tolerate racist, sexist, or disparaging remarks. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything.
  1. 1st remark - warning
  2. 2nd remark - office referral


  1. Tardies (per six weeks) will be dealt with in the following manner:
  1. 1st - grace (warning)
  2. 2nd - lunch detention
  3. 3rd - two days lunch detention
  4. 4th - office referral

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