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Classroom Management Plan – 2018-2019

Braun - Spanish 2

I expect you to:

1. behave in a way that allows yourself and others to learn.

2. bring your book, workbooks, notebook, and other supplies to class.

3. treat others the way you want to be treated.

4. keep the classroom clean.

5. take care of school property, and respect others’ property.

6. do all classwork and homework, and turn it in on time.  If you are absent, it is your responsibility to

make up the work you missed within the time limit (the number of days you were absent, plus one

day).  See Grading Policy.

7. pay attention, and fully participate in class activities.

8. be in class BEFORE the tardy bell rings.  Your 4th tardy will be referred to the office.  The count starts

over each 6-weeks.

9. come to class prepared to stay the whole period.  If it’s an emergency, you may leave class, otherwise, plan to stay.  

10. take responsibility for doing your own work.  There is zero tolerance on cheating on tests and


11. put up your phone, etc.:  Turn it off. DON’T take it out.  Period.  No earbuds, period.

I will deal with disruptive behavior and other minor infractions along the following guidelines, however, each case is considered on its own merits, and variation in consequences is possible:

First offense: Verbal warning and conference with you.  

Second offense: Second conference with you, and I will contact your parents/guardians.

Third offense: I will contact your parents/guardians again, and you will get an office referral.

Thereafter: Direct referral to Mr. Jones or Mr. Scott.

If your parents/guardians have any questions, they can contact me at the High School (758-5873).  My conference period is 2nd period (8:55-9:40), and my  e-mail address is  

Grading Policy  –  2018-2019

Spanish 2  –  G.W. Braun

Daily work: 50%

Tests and other major projects: 50%  

Each 6-weeks you will have at least 10 daily grades and 4 test/project grades.  I will record these in the grade book (PowerSchool) as they are completed.

If you fail a test or you may retake the test when the retest is made available.  Retests will be averaged with your original test grade.  It is your responsibility to come in to retest.

Assignments turned in (or submitted) late for any reason other than absences will NOT be accepted, under any circumstances.  It is your responsibility to do your work, bring it to class, and turn it in (or submit it) on time.

Work not turned in due to absences will be accepted without penalty according to district policy (i.e. the number of days absent plus one day).  Additional time may be given depending on the circumstances.  Each case is considered on an individual basis.

After the final day of a grading period (like the end of the six weeks) missing work will not be accepted, unless you have an incomplete for that grading period.

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