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what are some carreer options for cosmetologist?

A career in cosmetology can lead to a variety of professions in the beauty industry. Some of the job opportunities for cosmetologists may include hairstylist, nail technician or salon or spa manager, just to name a few. Some licensed professionals choose careers in the beauty industry as beauty magazine editors or consultants, while others become sales or marketing specialists in the cosmetics industry, and still others go on to teach beauty school and pass on their knowledge and skills to the next generation. This is just a small selection of the job titles licensed cosmetologists may hold:

  • Cosmetologist
  • Beautician
  • Hairstylist
  • Hairdresser
  • Wedding Stylist
  • Barber Stylist
  • Nail Technician
  • Manager Stylist
  • Salon Assistant




The Cosmetology program at Seminole ISD is under the supervision of the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. 


SUBCHAPTER F. LICENSE AND CERTIFICATE REQUIREMENTS FOR INDIVIDUALS Section 1602.251. License or Certificate Required. (a) A person may not perform or attempt to perform a practice of cosmetology unless the person holds a license or certificate to perform that practice. (b) A person may not teach cosmetology unless the person: (1) holds an instructor license issued in this state; and (2) performs the instruction in a private beauty culture school or a vocational cosmetology program in a public school. (c) A person licensed by the department may practice cosmetology only at a facility operated by a person holding a beauty shop license, specialty shop license, private beauty culture school license, or other license issued by the department.

Section 1602.254. Eligibility for an Operator License. (a) A person holding an operator license may perform any practice of cosmetology.To be eligible for an operator license, an applicant must meet the requirements of Subsection (c) or: (1) be at least 17 years of age; (2) have obtained a high school diploma or the equivalent of a high school diploma or have passed a valid examination administered by a certified testing agency that measures the person's ability to benefit from training; and (3) have completed: (A) 1,500 hours of instruction in a licensed beauty culture school; or (B) 1,000 hours of instruction in beauty culture courses and 500 hours of related high school courses prescribed by the commission in a vocational cosmetology program in a public school.

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